The Future of Weather Promos? NY Meteorologists Go All Musical

By Kevin Eck 

TVSpy has noticed an interesting trend with weather promos in the bustling metropolis of NYC. Last year, WCBS meteorologist Lonnie Quinn got a promo using the CBS-owned stations’ generic country song that urges you to listen to Lonnie.

Now WABC meteorologist Lee Goldberg gets the urban touch with his new promo. The New York ABC-owned station wants you to know he’s the man. And by “the man” we mean the perfectly coiffed and properly bronzed man.

While two promos don’t quite make a trend, TVSpy still wonders what genre WNBC and WNYW will choose for its weather peeps? Jazz? Dubstep? A series of clicks and beeps punctuated by silence and a groan?

Here’s the CBS-owned station in Dallas. It wants you to listen to Larry.