Tegna Implements Company-Wide Safety Protocols as Coronavirus Spread Continues

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact people and newsrooms, Tegna has implemented corporate policies to keep reporters, producers and news executives safe.

TVSpy spoke to Ellen Crooke, vice president of news, about mask protocols currently in place across every Tegna newsroom.

Reporters are required to wear masks in the field if they can’t social distance. If they are reporting in a city or county that requires a mask be worn at all times, they should comply with those regulations.


“They need to abide by local protocols. If a mask is required at all times, reporters should wear masks at all times in the field,” Crooke said.

And if that means wearing a mask during a live shot, they will do so.

Reporters and photographers are encouraged to always social distance when doing a live hit. And if they find an isolated area to do the hit, the reporter can remove the mask to communicate.

Mask protocols also apply to those who are slowly returning to the newsroon, including producers, writers, news directors and other newsroom personnel. Those staffers have to wear their mask at all times when moving around, and are only allowed to remove their masks when sitting at their desk.

“Anchors do not wear masks during shows so they can communicate. They are sitting six feet apart in the studio, though,” Crooke said.

Tenga’s post-pandemic plans, meanwhile, are being discussed everyday. While Crooke says many people are still working from home, buildings at the company’s 62 stations in 51 markets are being prepped to bring the staff back when it’s deemed safe.