Tegna Aims to Break Formulas at Innovation Summit

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Tegna has wrapped its fifth innovation summit.

Atticus Investigative team out of WXIA in Atlanta and Next with Kyle Clark, which won a Murrow this year, are among the series that have come from these summits.

A spokesperson says the two-day innovation summit brought over 30 reporters, producers and digital journalists from 20 stations across the country to its headquarters in McLean, Virginia.


This year’s theme was Escape the Ordinary.

A few months ago, TVSpy spoke to Ellen Crooke, Tegna’s Vice President of news, about the importance of creating new ways to tell stories and why these brainstorming sessions are important to furthering the broadcast industry.

“These summits force us to change, get out of our box, get out of our formulas and do new and different things.”

Here is a video recap of the two-day session: