Ted Koppy Reveals Why He’s Been Off Air for Months

By Kevin Eck 

NBC Connecticut (WVIT) morning anchor Ted Koppy let viewers know where he’s been since February.

He’s been off the air so long that he got his own Reddit thread with viewers wondering where he was.

This week, Koppy wrote on social media that “a routine bike ride landed me in the emergency room.”


“This led to the need for extensive testing and unearthed a more serious underlying condition, which doctors are still investigating,” said Koppy. “Unfortunately, it’s sidelined me from my life’s routine including anchoring the morning news. My family and I are extremely appreciative to the medical experts who are narrowing in on a precise diagnosis and treatment options.”

Koppy didn’t say when he was coming back, but said he appreciated the time the station has given him to get better.