Starbucks Red Cup Filled With More Than Controversy

By Kevin Eck 

KMSP anchor Tom Butler was talking to Fox Business this morning about that whole made up “Starbucks isn’t Christmasy enough” thing when he managed to spill part of the story all over himself.

He was holding one of the plain red cups on camera, trying to make a point that he was most upset because it had no coffee in it, when he pulled off the lid, tipped it over and discovered it actually did have some coffee in it and that coffee was now on him.

“I really thought it was a ‘stunt’ cup,” Butler wrote on Facebook. “Wrong!”

A viral attack on the design by some Christians perhaps started with Joshua Feuerstein’s Facebook post that claimed “Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus.” Some have resorted to social media to denounce Starbucks for their lack of Christmas cheer, while others maintain the attack is completely absurd