Springfield Anchor Victim of Identity Theft

By Mark Joyella 

Springfield ABC affiliate KSPR reports morning anchor Melody Pettit was the victim of identity theft–the second anchor to fall victim in the same newsroom.

“They were using the exact pictures I had on my professional profile page, which was concerning,” said Pettit. “Who’s stealing my pictures? I don’t like it.” Someone had lifted pictures from Pettit’s Facebook page and used them to establish a fake profile page with Pettit’s name.

“It’s just kind of confusing because I didn’t know what their end-game was,” Pettit said. “What were they doing with my pictures? Were they trying to get money from someone? Were they trying to steal my information? I think, just not knowing what they were trying to do, was more concerning than knowing.”


Pettit’s co-anchor, Justin Corr, was also the victim of identity theft on Facebook, with someone using his image to create a fake profile under a similar-sounding name to propose to women in India.