Sinclair Claims Victory Over Las Vegas Union

By Kevin Eck 

Sinclair says employees of its NBC affiliate in Las Vegas are no longer being represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 45.

The station group issued a press release saying the IBEW “unequivocally disclaimed any and all interest in representing the employees in the unit” on January 15 after KSNV employees filed a petition with the NLRB to decertify the union.

KSNV received official notice on January 16th from the NLRB that the IBEW chose to disclaim interest in representing the employees rather than proceed to a decertification election and the NLRB officially revoked the original certification of IBEW as the employees’ representative.


“We are extremely pleased that our employees recognize how much Sinclair values them and that they have chosen to deal directly with their Company rather than a through a third party,” said KSNV General Manager, Lisa Howfield. “Sinclair has a culture of creating a professional atmosphere and fostering a good working experience for its employees. The Company is known to provide competitive compensation and benefits, training, investment in technology and equipment, and encouraging employees to learn and advance in their careers. This was the right decision by the IBEW and the NLRB, and we applaud the foresight and courage of the employees who took action to make a change.”

TVSpy asked IBEW for comment. We will update when we hear back.