Former KTXL Anchor Sentenced in Theft Case

By Kevin Eck 

Sabrina Rodriguez has avoided jail time after pleading no contest and striking a deal after facing shoplifting charges.

Rodriguez saw the three felony counts against her reduced to one misdemeanor theft count. As part of the deal, The Sacramento Bee reports, the former FOX affiliate anchor will pay $2,300 in restitution and will wear an ankle monitor for 30 days. During that time she will be “confined to her home unless she is seeking employment, medical attention or classes.”

The Bee released a video of Rodriguez’ attorney, Mark Reichel, reading off the terms of her deal.


The agreement, which includes up to three years of informal probation, closes the books on a case in which she was accused of participating in a shoplifting scheme with her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Gray, 31, at the Coach store inside the Folsom Outlets in March 2013.

Rodriguez maintains that she never stole anything, but instead got wrapped up in a “toxic” two and a half year relationship with Gray and that she took the plea deal to get the case behind her.

She contends she knew Gray had a history of shoplifting but did not know anything about the March 2013 incident that led to her day in court.

“I just really want to move on with my life, I really do,” Rodriguez said in an interview Thursday afternoon with The Bee. “And waiting for a trial or anything like that, it would just drag it out even more. I really want this behind me.”