Security Guard Stops Attempted Robbery of Bay Area News Crew

By Kevin Eck 

On Monday, a San Francisco Bay Area news crew was held up by two gunmen during an interview with Oakland’s head of violence prevention Guillermo Cespedes.

Police say the attempted robbers approached the NBC crew on the steps of City Hall in an effort to to steal the crew’s camera. The two left empty-handed after a security guard hired by the station pulled out his gun after a scuffle and told them to leave.

No one was hurt in the altercation.


“Our colleagues were conducting an interview at Oakland City Hall when they were approached by two armed individuals,” KNTV told TVSpy. “Thankfully, our colleagues are safe and unharmed.”

The attempted robbery came hours after a press conference held by the Oakland police chief to talk about budgets cuts and public safety.

This is the fourth attack on a Bay Area TV news crew we’ve reported this year. KPIX reporter Don Ford was hit twice. The second time he was robbed, he had a security guard with him.

This is the second incident involving a KNTV crew this year.

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