Seattle Anchor Derails Show After Drawing Game Takes Indecent Turn

By Kevin Eck 

KCPQ anchor Kaci Aitchison pushed the limits of the Seattle Fox affiliate’s decency standards after failing in her attempt to draw a cannon on live TV yesterday.

Aitchison was helping the station’s director of Digital Strategy Travis Mayfield show off a new drawing game from Google called Quick Draw, which challenges the user to draw an object onscreen and knows if the object was drawn correctly.

Mayfield started by successfully drawing a bow tie. But the show went off the rails when Aitchison jumped in and tried to draw a cannon which started to look suspiciously like a penis.


“Oh that’s amazing,” said Mayfield while Aitchison tried to cover it up.

“It was a CANNON!” Aitchison told viewers after the studio erupted into laughter for a couple of awkward minutes.

“Im pretty sure that was the best television I’ve ever been a part of,” said Mayfield.