Buffalo Anchor Delays Retirement

By Kevin Eck 

WGRZ anchor John Beard says he’ll stay at the Buffalo NBC affiliate for another five months.

Initially, Beard’s retirement was set for the end of the year, but the Buffalo News says Beard will stick around through the May book.

Beard said he changed his mind after talking to station management.


“I listened, they listened, we went back and forth and we came to what I think is a win-win agreement to stay through the May book,” said Beard. “It ended up being an attractive option for both of us.”

News writer Alan Pergament says he was scooped by a cashier at a local grocery store.

Beard explained the cashier got the scoop that he was staying an extra five months after she initially told him Sunday that he couldn’t shop there anymore. The dialogue went like this, according to Beard.

Cashier: “I am not going to allow you to shop here.”

Beard: “What? Why not?”

Cashier: “Because you are leaving and I am mad at you.”

Beard. “Well, how about if I stay until June?”

Cashier: “OK, then you can shop here.”