San Francisco Reporter Buys $600 Worth of Pot. For a Story.

By Kevin Eck 

KPIX reporter Mike Sugerman said he recently had bacteria in his aorta. In addition to the array of drugs he was prescribed, Sugerman was given medical marijuana.

His experience with the varying degrees of the quality of that pot prompted the reporter for the CBS owned San Francisco station to do a sweeps story on the regulation of the medical marijuana industry in California. He went to 12 different pot dispensaries in San Francisco and Oakland to test their wares.

Of course, to expense the $600 in pot he bought, he had to get those pesky expense reports signed by his bosses at the San Francisco CBS owned station.


“They [the bosses] actually were cool with it,” Sugerman said on the station website. “It turned out to be a great story and I think one that will really resonate in the community. We’re flying blind here. And it’s medicine.”

The big question several of Sugerman’s colleagues asked was what happened to the $600 in marijuana after the testing. Sugerman confirms, “The laboratory kept everything.”