San Antonio Anchor Clarke Finney Recovering from Brain Injury

By Kevin Eck 

KENS anchor Clarke Finney has let viewers know why she’s been off the air since October.

The anchor for the San Antonio CBS affiliate posted to social media that she is recovering from a brain injury.

“In October I had a medical emergency which caused me to have a hypoxic brain injury,” she said. “I am currently re-learning everything but one thing I haven’t forgotten is how much I love you guys. I miss serving my community and I can’t wait to see you all when I fully recover. I hope that you understand how much I love you, and how important being a journalist is to me.”


A quick search of the internet showed that a Hypoxic brain injuries are brain injuries that form due to a restriction on the oxygen being supplied to the brain. The restricted flow of oxygen causes the gradual death and impairment of brain cells.

Finney joined KENS in 2020.