RTDNA Shares 5 Tips For Station Facebook Pages

By Merrill Knox 

Social media was an important component to local news operations in 2011, and it’s safe to say that 2012 will bring more opportunities for audience interaction online. To help you navigate, the RTDNA is out today with a list of “5 New Years Resolutions For Your Station’s Facebook Page.” Here are some of their tips:

Dust off that dictionary. Sure spelling doesn’t matter on the air, but just like on your web page, you look foolish when you spell things incorrectly on your Facebook page. Facebook doesn’t have spell-check, so you may actually have to look things up. Do it…look it up. Your station loses credibility every time you spell something wrong.

Talk to me! People use Facebook as a community. You should do more than just push your stories or tease a chance at winning a prize if people “like” your page. Use your stories to generate discussions. Ask for people’s opinions. Be a friend in the community, not a billboard.

Participate in the conversation. Your Facebook fans will ask questions on your page. Some of them will be intelligent and some will be annoying. Make an effort to answer any questions and respond to comments within 24 hours. If you ignore the people who “like” your page, they will soon ignore you.

Read the full list here.