Anchor Bob Juback Reflects On 20 Years At WBTW

By Merrill Knox 

Bob Juback has been the evening anchor on Florence, SC CBS-affiliate WBTW since 1992. Juback looks back on his career trajectory, and how he ended up behind the news desk after beginning his career in sports, in the Myrtle Beach Weekly Surge:

In 1984, he found himself out of work for a time, but received a fortuitous telephone call. “I had worked in radio in Spartanburg, and these people were in the process of buying WBTW. A woman called me and asked if I’d be interested in doing the sports on TV down here, and I said yes – so I came to Florence and did sports and then went back to Greenville/Spartanburg and did sports up there.”

But the local markets were changing, and some stations were paring down their coverage of local sports.  “I saw the writing on the wall, and heard that the guy that was doing news at WBTW was leaving. Someone pointed out that if I came down here to do news, I would go from old sports guy into a young news guy. The news anchor job sounded intriguing, so I came down here and got it. That was July of 1992, and almost 20 years later I’m still here.”