RTDNA Adds New Categories for Murrow Awards

By Mark Joyella 

The Radio Television Digital News Association is introducing new categories in its Edward R. Murrow Awards for the 2017 competition, adding categories for outstanding journalism “gathered, edited and distributed in new and innovative ways.”

“Newsrooms across the country are finding new and better ways to tell stories every day,” said RTDNA executive director Mike Cavender. “When great journalism is presented to audiences in creative and engaging ways, we want to recognize those efforts.”

Here are the new categories:


Excellence in Innovation: This category is designed to award news organizations that innovate their product to enhance the quality of journalism and the audience’s understanding of news. Entries must demonstrate an innovative use of content, engagement, technology and/or audience experience which breaks the mold of traditional broadcast journalism.

Excellence in Social Media: This category is designed to reward news organizations that use social media to enhance the audience’s understanding of a single news story or news event/project, as evidenced by the quality of journalism and the quantity and quality of user engagement.