WJAX Reporter Says Trump Campaign Demanded List of Questions Before Interview

By Mark Joyella 

A reporter for Jacksonville CBS/Fox duopoly WJAX/WFOX says Donald Trump canceled a scheduled interview Monday when she declined to provide questions to the Trump campaign ahead of time.

“Donald Trump backs out of scheduled 1-on-1 interview w/me after I decline to send campaign list of my questions,” tweeted Jenna Bourne, including the text of an email sent to the campaign stating that “as a rule, we do not send a list of questions to people we’re about to interview.”

Bourne told Florida Politics after her email, the scheduled interview never happened:

From there, Bourne relates, the campaign “kind of just ghosted me.”

At the rally later on Monday, Bourne received conflicting narratives, ranging from a denial that the interview had been scheduled, to hearing that a “decision hadn’t been made.”

Bourne waited … and waited … but it “just never happened,” even as another local Jacksonville TV outlet was approached for its interview.

Paige Kelton of Action News says that outlet, WJXT, was not asked for questions.