Rochester Anchor and Entire Family Diagnosed With Covid-19

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Rochester, N.Y., anchor Lia Lando and her entire immediate family have contracted Covid-19.

The WROC morning anchor and former soap opera actress announced her diagnosis on social media last week. She and her family are all feeling the symptoms, which she described as “like a clingy flu.”

“Fever, chills, muscle aches, confusion, loss of taste, upset stomach, difficulty breathing, extreme night sweats, etc. Yeah, so basically all the symptoms you’ve heard about by now,” she wrote on Facebook. “It comes and goes. Just when you think it’s over another symptom hits.”


According to WROC, one of Lando’s family members tested positive, which prompted the family to begin quarantining. Lando had a negative test at first, but received a positive test on Tuesday.

Lando hasn’t been back to the News 8 station since she found out about her family members’ positive test, and the station said that there’s no concern for colleagues at the moment.

The anchor is documenting her experience in a daily journal, and the station will continue providing updates on Lando and her family’s recovery.