Reporter Writes Song to Lament His NBA Team’s Troubles

By Kevin Eck 

Matt Johnson is a reporter for Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB. He’s also an aspiring rapper.

His favorite NBA team is the Los Angeles Clippers. Apparently they’re having a bad season. Johnson got so sad about it, he decided to channel his ennui into the gift of song.

“You think you got it bad?” he raps. “Your team is making you sad? I’m a Clipper fan, sadness is all I’ve ever had.”


Johnson told the loss to the Warriors was the tipping point for him. “A 23-point lead, really?” said Johnson. “The fact they couldn’t step on their throat when they hate that stupid team and that stupid team hates them was just so deflating. It just made me really question whether they’d ever be able to overcome all the devastating losses we’ve seen them endure.”