Don’t Ask Stacia Naquin Why She Doesn’t Have Kids

By Kevin Eck 

Over a year ago, KPNX reporter Stacia Naquin had a miscarriage.

She’s now talking about it on the station’s website.

Naquin says she didn’t tell anyone at first, but is talking now to “lend support to other couples” in the same situation. Her message? In this holiday season, don’t ask people why they don’t have kids.

We’re all heading into the holiday season. And as family and friends gather around the dinner table, or the tree, or at church, you may be tempted to ask what you think is a simple question of the couples (or individuals) in your life:

Why don’t you have kids yet?

There are no simple answers to that question.

Fertility and the journey to have a baby is very personal and can be a complicated thing.

And it’s happening to more people than you think.

“So, it’s important you know that asking ‘Why don’t you have kids?’ can feel like an attack,” said Naquin, who said the question has brought her to tears thinking about her miscarriage. “It can feel like someone pointing out a failure. It can remind the couple, or individual, of the saddest days and the biggest disappointments they’ve ever faced.”