Report: WCCO Reprimands Employee for Wearing Blonde ‘New Hire’ Costume

By Andrew Gauthier 

WCCO, the station known for its fondness of Chinatown delicacies, has popped up again in the gossip pages following a report that an employee was scolded for wearing an inappropriate costume to a party.

Here’s Star Tribune gossip columnist C.J.:

I’m told that WCCO’s HR department had a heart-to-heart with an employee who attended a Halloween party with colleagues wearing a nametag that read “New Hire,” along with a blonde wig and some strategic stuffing that made him look bodaciously busty.


C.J. reports that station management may have found out about the costume from seeing photos on Facebook.

This summer, WCCO hired two young women with blonde hair: reporter Aristea Brady and meteorologist Lauren Casey.

Maybe next Halloween everyone will dress as ducks.