Locked in Legal Battle with Developer, WSVN Runs Negative Story About a Proposed Strip Club Next Door

By Andrew Gauthier 

WSVN is so concerned about a developer’s plans to build a strip club next to its headquarters that the station ran a story about it this week in which WSVN owner Ed Ansin called the planned gentleman’s club “extremely dangerous” for his female employees.

“There are many instances, both with our station and elsewhere, of women in television being stalked, harassed, threatened,” Ansin said in an interview.  “Having a strip club would certainly be a major problem in that regard.”


WSVN used to share its property with WIOD but the news radio station moved out awhile ago and now a local developer plans to create a new five-story building that would house a strip club.

In the story, veteran reporter Patrick Fraser points out that “opponents of strip clubs say they attract prostitutes, drugs, and criminal elements,” before interviewing a handful of local residents who oppose the plan.

The developer declined to comment for WSVN’s story because he is currently involved in a lawsuit with the station involving his rights to alter the property.

The lawsuit didn’t keep Ansin from talking on-camera.

“I think ultimately, our property rights will prevail,” Ansin said. “So far, it’s been a never-ending litigation, but I think our rights will prevail.”

At the end of his story, Fraser all but urged viewers to attend a planning and zoning meeting at city hall to voice their opposition to the proposed strip club.

Video here.