Recognize This Ring? WHDH Looking for Owner of Lost Items

By Kevin Eck 

The investigative producer at Boston station WHDH found some valuable items while she was hiking with her dogs. Now she and the Concord Police Department are trying to return them to their owner.

“I was walking my dogs right here along White Pond that really warm Saturday a couple of weeks ago,” said Mary Schwager. “And there were two women right here. They had a beach bag. I chatted with them for just a split second. They met my dogs and a few minutes later, they left.”

She then found some jewelry on the beach.


“We walked right over here, and I looked down, and I saw a watch and two rings, and I thought, ‘Oh no! I wonder if this fell out of their beach bag?’ So I took the items, and I ran back up and down the trail trying to see if I could catch the women, but they were long gone.”

She took what she found to the Concord Police Department.

“It’s an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The stones are very distinctive. I know if my wife lost her rings, we’d be searching everywhere to find them,” said Lt. Timothy Landers with the Concord Police Department.

Police released a picture of the diamond engagement ring.

“We’re only showing the picture of the engagement ring, hoping that someone recognizes that and they can call us or get in touch with us so they can describe the other items. The reason we’re doing that is so we don’t get false claims,” Lt. Landers said.

Police posted about it on social media.

“I would think that someone is probably frantically searching for these and may not know they were lost at White Pond. The sentimental value is, I think is very important,” Lt. Landers said.

The station wants viewers to share the story on social media.

If you believe these items might be yours or have information, please Contact the Concord Police Department at 978-318-3400.