Rapping Texas Reporter Experiences Viral Fame: ‘Praised, Insulted, Proposed To’

By Mark Joyella 

622x350KWES reporter Kim Powell has experienced a lot in just one day, ending 2014 with a claim to viral video fame. Her pre-liveshot warmup–flawlessly rapping the song “Alphabet Aerobics”–was captured by her photog and posted to YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 644,000 times.

She’s also heard from some of the people who watched the video–for better and worse, as the San Antonio Express-News reports this morning:

“You crushed Daniel Radcliffe’s version! Maybe you should have been on Jimmy Fallon,” one Facebook commenter wrote, while another said, “This is your chance to get on Ellen.”


Powell said on Twitter that the craze has made Monday “one of the strangest days” of her life, adding that she was “praised, insulted and proposed to.”