Rape Charges Dismissed Against Idaho Meteorologist

By Kevin Eck 

Former KMVT meteorologist Jack Holland will not face rape charges after witnesses came forward with additional information.

The Twin Falls, Idaho CBS affiliate reports Fifth District Judge Randy Stoker signed the motion to dismiss the charges yesterday.

The station still refers to Holland as a station meteorologist, but his bio is no longer on its website and a report that aired (see below) said the station would not discuss the issue.

“As part of its continuing duty to investigate this case, the State has interviewed additional witnesses who have come forward since the preliminary hearing, and thoroughly reviewed their statements and other evidence as it relates to the testimony presented at preliminary hearing,” reads the motion. “It is the State’s conclusion based upon close analysis of all the facts now available about this incident that Mr. Holland did not commit the crime of Rape. Accordingly, the State moves to dismiss the charge against the defendant.”

Holland was accused of raping a woman he brought back to his apartment in January. If convicted, he could have faced anywhere from one year to life in prison.

From the Times-News:

[Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant] Loebs said the case will be dismissed without prejudice, meaning prosecutors retain the right to refile charges if the evidence changes, but he did not believe it was likely the charge would be refiled.

“We don’t plan on refiling a rape charge or any other charge in this case,” Loebs said Friday.

The prosecutor also said charges would not be filed against Holland’s accuser unless something changed.

“We’re not filing charges against anybody at all in this matter,” Loebs said. “Unless new evidence comes to light, this case is over.”