Priest Sues WBRZ for Defamation

By Mark Joyella 

A Catholic priest is suing Baton Rouge, La., ABC affiliate WBRZ, alleging he was defamed by a report the station aired on a child sex abuse case.

In a separate case, Rev. Jeff Bayhi is accused of failing to report a case of alleged child sex abuse by a church parishioner. In Bayhi’s suit against the station, which reported the story, Bayhi claims he was improperly portrayed as guilty:

“During this reporting, WBRZ-TV and its employees presented Mayeux’s claims against Father Bayhi in such a manner as to create the impression that those claims were facts instead of mere allegations,” lawyer Henry Olinde Jr. writes in Bayhi’s suit against the station.


WBRZ news director Lee Polowczuk told The Advocate the station’s attorneys were reviewing the suit and he could not comment on the specific allegations in it. “We’re confident the outcome will be in WBRZ’s favor,” he added.