NY1 Anchor Writes Book About Family’s Slavery Saga

By Mark Joyella 

NY1 anchor Cheryl Wills has written a book about her family, telling a story that spans 150 years and several generations–including the tale of her great, great, great grandfather Sandy Wills.

“Whether your ancestors crossed the ocean from Europe to try for a better life or you are descended from people who were brought to America in shackles from Africa, there is strength in knowing how you came to be,” Wills told the New York Daily News.

In researching her book, which is aimed at school-age children, she discovered Sandy Wills’ dramatic story of birth into slavery, escape, fighting in a black regiment in the Civil War, and on, as the book’s title suggests, to The Emancipation of Grandpa Wills.

The book hits stores Jan. 1.