Power Outage Knocks WHAS Off The Air, And Viewers Take To Facebook to Voice Complaints

By Merrill Knox 

Viewers tuning in to Lousville’s WHAS yesterday night for ABC programs “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” were instead greeted with an error message (pictured).

“WHAS11 experienced a power outage Thursday night, which caused a disruption in our broadcast,” the station posted on their website. “A transformer blew outside of the WHAS11 News on Chestnut Street. It happened around 9 p.m. WHAS11 does have an LG&E backup, but it failed.”

Programming was restored at 11:20 p.m.., which is normally a newscast on the ABC-affiliate. The station aired the syndicated “Entertainment Tonight” to fill the rest of the timeslot.


The power outage sparked a spirited debate on the station’s Facebook page as viewers began voicing their anger at missing the ABC shows.

“WHAS, perhaps you aren’t aware, but shows like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are like chapters in a book — each episode tells a story,  building on relationships, etc. If we miss it, it’s not as if we just watch it next week,” one viewer wrote.

“OMG people. Get a life,” another responded. “I love ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ too. I wait all week to see it too. But it is not the fault of WHAS that we can’t see it. They have said over and over that it will re-air. Give them a break.”