Lee Ranson Retires from WEEK After 17 Years

By Merrill Knox 

Lee Ranson, who has been a meteorologist at WEEK in Peoria for 17 years, will do his final weather report today.

Ranson joined the NBC-affiliate in 1994 after working at several radio stations in the area. The Peoria native is seen nightly on the evening newscasts on WEEK.

“I’ve been going over a lot of old videotapes and, really, when I watch those tapes and then watch one from last week — outside of the appearance, I think it I’ve stayed pretty much the same,” Ranson told the Pantagraph. “My manner hasn’t changed. I have the same voice.”


“Lee is the same guy on air as he is in person,” Mark DeSantis, the station’s president and general manager, told the Peoria Journal-Star. “Lee has never been a performer. He is the real deal and that’s what makes him great.”