Political Consultant Tweets That Local Reporters Are Underworked and Overpaid, Backlash Ensues

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Political consultant Liz Mair is facing a social media backlash after tweeting Monday morning that local reporters are underworked and overpaid, a problem that she claimed is “contributing to the demise of local media.”

Not surprisingly, several local newsers took issue with the political and communications specialist’s decision to question their work ethic, and the tweet generated thousands of replies.

Mair deleted her tweet hours after posting it. Here is her original tweet:


Several local print and TV journalists responded to Mair, shutting down her opinion that they don’t work hard enough to generate content.

“This is just insulting, @LizMair! Every local reporter I know is turning 5 to 10 stories a week on top of filling in for the unfilled positions in a newsroom. Oh, and they are doing it for about $38,000 to $50,000 dollars a year. I’m hoping this is a joke,” said Omaha reporter Ken Luetzen.

“In my last on-air investigative reporting and weekend anchor job (with 3+ years of major market news experience) I made $32,000. Worked until I felt like my eyes were on fire, was in a prominent role and could barely afford groceries some weeks,” said Indianpolis reporter Courtney Spinelli.

Journalists continued to weigh in even after Mair deleted her tweet:

“Bummer that @lizmair deleted this tweet. Brought back fond memories of sitting around small newsrooms, reporters breezily discussing whose turn it was to do his weekly story. I did mine on Tuesday, so I’d have midweek to spend time day trading on Newsie (he was my yacht),” tweeted Milwaukee journalist Dan Simmons.