Police Arrest Suspect in SF Bay Area Crew Attack

By Kevin Eck 

San Francisco police say they have arrested one of three men suspected of robbing two TV news crews in July.

SF Gate reports Michael A. Jones was tracked by SFPD after someone left a magazine at the scene of the robberies. The cops found the getaway car within a week of the incident and eventually tracked Jones to a hotel in Fremont.

Jones has been charged with robbery, aggravated assault, grand theft and conspiracy. He has outstanding warrants alleging burglary, narcotics violations, hit and run and evading police. Oh yeah, he’s also on probation for a felony gun conviction. Police are still looking for the rest of the suspects.

Several suspects in a black 7-Series BMW took gear from both Fox-owned station KTVU and NBC-owned station KNTV while the stations were doing live reports along the city’s Embarcadero. KNTV photographer Alan Waples was pistol whipped after the suspects held a gun to his head.