Phoenix Anchor Leaves TV to Start Art Program

By Kevin Eck 

After being off the air for a few weeks, Brandon Lee has shared that he is leaving Phoenix stations KTVK and CBS affiliate KPHO.

Lee is leaving the TV business entirely after 22 years, he told viewers on social media. Instead, he is focused on a new venture: an art therapy program that he has created aimed at helping recovering addicts, sex trafficking victims, survivors of domestic violence and child abuse. The program is called Art Of Our Soul.

“I am taking a giant leap of faith and will now focus all of my time and energy helping survivors of trauma heal through art therapy,” said Lee, who has worked at the station since 2014.


Lee wrote a memoir in 2019 called Mascara Boy in which he talked about his own abuse and addiction. He said he used art to heal and wants to give others the same opportunity through his newly opened studio.

“Art has saved my soul in the darkest of times,” he said. “It is my life’s purpose to share that gift with those who are at their lowest. I know how dark it can be. I know how painful trauma can be. Now, it’s my turn to give back in a truly meaningful way.”