Now You Can Watch NBC Owned Stations on Your Phone

By Kevin Eck 

NBC Owned Stations has announced the launch of its TV Everywhere app, allowing you to watch its programming on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You have to live in a market with an NBC owned station and you have to subscribe to cable, satellite or a telco service. But other than that, “NBC local, news, sports*, syndicated, primetime and late night programming is available 24×7.” The asterisk is because you can’t watch the NFL on the app.

Visit the station’s website or download the app from iTunes or Google Play store and have at it.


“Whether you’re sitting at home watching The Blacklist on your iPad, tuning into the latest weather forecast on your train ride to work or taking your lunch break in front of your computer watching Days of Our Lives, we know our local NBC audiences will appreciate having the full lineup of NBC programming available to them as they go about their busy lives,” said Valari Staab, president of NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations. “Our stations are committed to making it easy and convenient for viewers to watch our programming and this is one more step in that effort.”

The press release says the new service will benefit both consumers and advertisers, “consumers will also be able to choose from a library of video-on-demand content to watch whenever they want.” And for advertisers, “[b]oth the live and video-on-demand content will offer local and national advertising opportunities.”

“As we expand our reach across multiple platforms, we’re excited to explore the new opportunities to partner and innovate with advertisers who are interested in connecting with our local audiences,” said Staab.

The rest of the affiliates are expected to join in throughout the year.