Louisville Anchor Faces Another Cancer Scare

By Kevin Eck 

WAVE anchor Dawne Gee came back to work last week after having half her kidney removed in October because of cancer. Monday, she found out she has a mass in her stomach.

She told The Courier-Journal
the growth was found after she went to the doctor complaining of  digestive distress she thought was caused by the kidney surgery. She won’t find out whether it’s benign or malignant till later this week.

According to The Courier-Jounral, Gee has been diagnosed with benign tumors in her brain, breast, and uterus. “I have escaped everything,” she said.

“I just don’t want anybody to ask me how I’m doing because I’m not well,” Gee told The Courier-Journal. “I’m blessed. I say that more than ‘I’m good. I don’t feel like saying ‘I’m good’ anymore.”