Missoula News Director Was Killed by Estranged Husband

By Kevin Eck 

Thursday, we reported the death of KTMF news director Kalee Scolatti and T.J. (Anthony) Dupras in Missoula, Montana.

Both were killed by Scolatti’s estranged husband, Nicholas Scolatti, who then turned the gun on himself. Nicholas Scolatti died Friday morning.

Over the weekend the Missoulan reported, Scolatti considered Dupras her big brother, though the two were not related.

“Our lives are going to be very empty without those two people in them, I can tell you that right now,”  T.J.’s friend and ex-wife Amy Dupras told the Missoulian on Friday.

She said she’s known both Kalee and her family since Kalee was 14. T.J. considered Kalee’s family, the Jacobsons, his Montana family. He had known Kalee since she was 11 years old, she said.

When T.J. came to Kalee’s home at 314 Brooks St. on Wednesday night, it was to help her, Amy said.

“He was there for her when she needed him,” Amy said.  “I don’t know if she had told him to be there, or if he had come over to hang out. He was there for her, as he always was.”

“They were together as friends, as family when it happened. That’s the only bit of comfort in all of this,” she added.