Another Anchor Trading Sports for News

By Kevin Eck 

In what WIAT is calling “the big move,” sportscaster Jim Dunaway is about to become news anchor Jim Dunaway.

The Birmingham, Ala. CBS affiliate said Dunaway will join Sherri Jackson as co-anchor of the evening news, starting tonight. The station said he’s not getting out of sports completely, though.


“Jim will always be a part of sports and will continue to deliver sports coverage for major sporting events,” said WIAT news director Rob Martin. “He will just be trading sports for news day to day.”

Dunaway started at WIAT in 2008 after working at Birmingham’s NBC affiliate WVTM for 15 years.

“I trust Jim’s sensitivity to what’s important to our local viewers every day,” said WIAT president and gm Helen Swenson. “Why?  Because Jim is Alabama born and raised.  Jim’s news judgment is outstanding and his journalistic strengths make the WIAT 42 News team stronger.  Joining Sherri Jackson on the news desk is truly a great win for our viewers, WIAT 42 and Jim.”