Milwaukee’s WITI Welcomes Webcam to Editorial Meetings

By Andrew Gauthier 

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Journal Sentinel

The daily editorial meeting, where story ideas are batted around and news coverage is planned, happens in every newsroom.

But at WITI-TV (Channel 6), it happens right before your eyes. If the station’s weather Webcam–reconfigured “to make it look a little nicer,” said news director Jim Lemon–is as exciting as watching snow melt, the station’s live video streaming of its editorial meetings is like watching sausage being made.

Every day at 1:45 p.m., Lemon meets around a table in a nondescript conference room with producers of the various newscasts to go over the stories of the day. Our perspective of them is through a Webcam mounted atop a monitor we can’t see and, when people look at the monitor, it is as if they are looking at us. More…