Michael Moore: CBS Cancelled After Controversial

By Andrew Gauthier 


Michael Moore took to Twitter early this morning to report his first network cancellation in his tour to promote his controversial new film, “Capitalism: A Love Story.” Moore on Twitter: “Backlash Begins: CBS has cancelled (sic) me on its Mon. morning show. After I criticized ABC/Disney on GMA, they didnt want me to do same to CBS.”

CBS, however, says he was never booked on the show.


Background: Moore was on ABC’s Good Morning America last week and called out ABC’s practice of hiring “permalancers”–permanent freelancers who are essentially full-time workers but are on contract rather than salary, which means they don’t get any of the benefits normally extended to employees. (Video here)

ABC’s Chris Cuomo handled it smoothly, responding “You demonstrate the question very well in the new movie and you do it in lots of ways. People will get where youre coming from.” No biggie, right? More…