Harding Out as News Director of Pittsburgh’s WPXI

By Andrew Gauthier 


Corrie Harding is out as news director of Cox-owned WPXI in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that WPXI general manager Ray Carter and Harding arrived at the mutual decision that Harding would leave his post effective immediately.

The move comes on the heels of the G-20 Summit, held in Pittsburgh at the end of last week. Harding led the Channel 11 newsroom through coverage of the major event with international implications.


Carter described the situation to the Post-Gazette by comparing it to a sports team, saying that there are certain times that “you need to make a change for the good of the team.” He stressed that the decision was a mutual one: “Both Corrie and I have agreed to make a change.”

Harding came to WPXI in 2005 from WBNS in Columbus where he worked as an assistant news director and managing editor.

The station is now searching for Harding’s successor, a task that is made more difficult as Harding’s logical replacement, assistant news director Melissa Knollinger, left the station two weeks ago. While WPXI searches for a new news director, Carter is filling in. More…