Masked Man Takes Crucifix to Fox 11 Sign

By Chris Ariens 

WLUK in Green Bay documented a criminal act on its own facility this morning when a man who’d stolen a crucifix from a nearby Catholic Church used the cross to bash in a digital sign in front of the Sinclair-owned Fox affiliate.

Reporter Ben Krumholz was sitting at his desk when he looked out the window to see the man swinging the cross at the sign.

“He got about 8 swings at it before he took off,” Krumholtz said in a video posted on the station’s Facebook page. Krumholtz said the man “almost got hit by traffic” as he ran across Lombardi Avenue, not far from Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.


The incident happened as reporters and producers were meeting for their rundown meeting

The man stole the cross from Nativity Parish where parishioners attending 9 a.m. mass say he entered the church and began complaining loudly about the Catholic Church.

“I had this horrible feeling that next he might be pulling a gun or something like that,” said a parishioner.

After being asked to leave, parishioners say the man took the crucifix from behind the altar, ran to his car, and drove to the TV station where he used it to whack the Fox 11 sign.