Maria Antonia Says Goodbye to Kansas City’s KMBC

By Merrill Knox 

Maria Antonia has signed off from KMBC after 28 years with the Kansas City ABC affiliate.

“As I said at the end of my last KMBC broadcast Friday, I thank the people of our community,” Antonia told Bottom Line Communications. “For 28 years so many families were willing to share their stories, even when it wasn’t easy.”

Antonia will be taking on an expanded role at The Bishop Sullivan Center, where she has been a volunteer for several years. Her husband, KMBC photojournalist Tim Twyman, will remain at the station, according to Bottom Line.


Antonia and two other female on-air personalities, Peggy Breit and Kelly Eckerman, sued KMBC parent company Hearst in 2008, alleging age and sex discrimination. The case was settled amicably in 2010.