Man Apologizes for Attacking Nashville Crew

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Nashville, Tenn., reporter Caresse Jackman says the man who attacked her and her photographer offered a personal apology days later.

On Twitter, she posted a note written by her photographer about what happened after the video of the attack aired.

“Police located him. The man actually reached out through police and wanted to apologize,” the photographer said.


He added that the man, who hasn’t been identified by name, said that he is going through a hard time, had been drinking a lot of alcohol and needed help.

In the viral video, the man attacked Jackman’s photographer, but not her directly.

“Contrary to what many concluded, this was not an ‘attack on the media’ or ‘politically motivated.’ I accepted his apology and did not press charges,” she said.

With the help of police, they were able to get the man help and into a facility.

Here is the entire note: