Longtime Sports Anchor Leaving WNYW

By Kevin Eck 

Sports anchor Russ Salzberg is leaving WNYW in New York.

Salzberg has worked at the New York Fox-owned station since 1988.

“After 28 years on air Russ Salzberg has decided to explore other opportunities,” news director Byron Harmon wrote in a memo obtained by TVSpy. “And for a legend like Russ, we know that opportunities abound.”


Harmon told staffers Salzberg will continue to anchor the Giant’s kickoff show and Giant’s Post Games on WWOR.

Here’s part of the memo from Harmon:

I asked Russ if he’d be willing to still anchor the Giant’s kickoff show on FOX5 since obviously he will still host the Giant’s Post Games on Channel 9. People have come to expect to see him in our Giant’s coverage. And since Russ has been the driving force behind our successful sports franchises like Home Grown, A Day in the Life and The Sporting Life I also wanted to be able to call upon him to continue these franchises when the opportunity presents itself. He’s graciously agreed to.

So it’s not quite an end of an era, more like an extension. Everybody has a their own Russ experience and I know I will certainly miss his daily discussions (rants) about everything from tailored suits to is Cristiano Ronaldo the sexiest soccer player in the world? Yes Russ he is.

I don’t need to tell you how important Russ has been to the New York City sports world. But his contribution and significance transcends the wide world of sports. Russ has been important to our industry.

The first You Tube video I ever “favorite’d” (new word) was because of Russ. If you ever find yourself in need of a good laugh go there and type in Mike Tyson vs Russ Salzberg. This legendary interview is theater at its finest. It’s the best one minute you’ll ever experience… legally.

Russ: “Mike, why do you have to talk like that?”

Mike: “You gotta problem? Turn off your station.”

Russ: “You know what? I think we’ll end the discussion right now.”

You know what? I’ll take a cue from Russ. There is nothing left to discuss. His career speaks for itself. We salute you Russ!