Here’s the Rundown of TEGNA Buyouts So Far

By Kevin Eck 

For the last month we’ve been reporting about TEGNA stations losing veteran talent to buyouts.

Some reports say to get a buyout, you have to be over 55 and have worked at the station for more than 15 years. What the monetary deal is, we have no idea.

From what we’ve seen each station was free to handle it the way they wanted. Some chose transparency and came right out and said what was going on, others used retirement as a euphemism, thank you Lee Van Ameyde. Tipsters tell us St. Louis employees were chosen, while other stations allowed their employees to choose.

In addition to the anchors named here, there are countless staffers behind the scenes who will go unreported.

The date near the name is when they started at the station. Chances are, they worked at other stations before that.

TVSpy will continue to update this list as we get more info.

KGW in Portland, Oregon
Sports anchor Joe Becker 1984
A source tells us:
Chief photographer Karl Petersen
Assignment desk Cheryl Calm

WFAA in Dallas, Texas
A source tells us 12, including three photogs with over 85 years of experience left the Dallas ABC affiliate.

KXTV in Sacramento, Calif.
Dave Marquis 1993
George Warren 1981
Tim Daly 1991
Photographer Mark Pepper 1992

WCNC in Charlotte, N.C.
Glenn Counts 1988

WJXX-WTLV in Jacksonville, FLa.
Steve Smith 1987
Roger Weeder 1985

WZZM in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Lee Van Ameyde 1977

KSDK in St. Louis, Mo.
Chief meteorologist Cindy Preszler 1998.
Mike Roberts 1996

KHOU in Houston, Texas
Meteorologist Mario Gomez
Doug Miller 1993
5 others

WTSP in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla.
Dave Wirth 1984

WCSH in Portland, Me.
Joe Cupo 1979
Photojournaist Gary Sturtevant 1974

WLBZ in Bangor, Me.
Steve McKay 1994

KING in Seattle, Wa.
Dennis Bounds 1991
Jean Enersen 1968
Chief Meteorologist Jeff Renner 1977
Investigative Reporter Linda Byron 1988

A source tells us the following people also left KING:
HR director, chief engineer, assistant chief engineer, production supervisor, graphic designer, Evening Magazine ep, Dayside News ep, longtime sales person, tape editor, NWCN senior ep, and reporter Jim Forman.

WHAS in Louisville, Ky.
Melissa Swan 1985

KARE in Minneapolis, Minn.
Diana Pierce 1983
Jill Altmeyer in accounting 1977
Pat Bevan floor director 1976
Reporter Allen Consantini 1985
Bob Garvie floor director 1976
Rick Hackney operations 1992
Aethan Hart photojournalist 1984
Chuck Ulmer operations 1985
Ray Wells photographer 1979
Jimmy Worthing floor director 1986

WXIA in Atlanta, Ga.
Donna Lowry 1986
Kevin Rowson 1994
Keith Whitney 1993

KVUE in Austin, Texas
Meteorologist Mark Murray 1990
News director Frank Volpicella 2000
A source told us GM Patti Smith‘s retirement was a buyout.
Chief engineer Mike Wengler

KUSA in Denver
Sources say six people left.
The station did a story that longtime photographer Scott Wright retired.

WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio
Michael Greene, Photographer
Dan Bowman, Chief Photographer
Brian Johnson, Photographer
Loren Straka, Regional Senior Accountant