Lolita Lopez: Timing Was Right To Join KNBC

By Merrill Knox 

FishbowlNY talks today with Lolita Lopez, the newest member of the news team at KNBC, the NBC owned-and-operated station in Los Angeles. Lopez, formerly a reporter at New York City’s WPIX, dispels the notion that the station’s decision to eliminate the sports department had anything to do with her move to California:

“I thought it was just a good time to make a switch,” Lopez admits. “…It was great for what it gave me during that time [at WPIX], but I felt for me personally that’s where it ended.”

Lopez says, despite the overhaul, she was confident that her job was secure at WPIX.


“I left with more than six months left on my contract,” Lopez says. “…It had nothing to do with thinking that Channel 11 was going to pull the plug on me, or me wanting to run out and leave.

“…If the interest hadn’t been so great on the KNBC side I might still be there,” Lopez adds.

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