Local TV Reality Show ‘Breaking Greenville’ Makes its Debut

By Kevin Eck 

“Breaking Greenville” made its debut on truTV last night.

For those not “in the know,”, “Breaking Greenville” is a reality TV show featuring Greenville, Miss. stations WABG and WXVT. ABC affiliate WABG is owned by Commonwealth Broadcasting Group, the company that operates CBS affiliate WXVT.

The Clarion-Ledger gives a synopsis of the first episode. Click here to check it out. In typical reality show style, it was all, “they’re gaining in the ratings!” and “I’m going to lose weight as a sweeps stunt” and “I think the thing that irritates me about Lucy is when she tries to look down at me, ‘oh you’re new.’ No, I know what I’m doing. I went to school to be a news anchor. You didn’t.”

The market is a starting point for many. WABG anchor Lucy Biggers wrote on the show’s blog, “Overall, I’m so happy with the first episode. I hope everyone comes to love this wacky cast of personalities and sees the charm of Greenville. I can’t wait to keep watching with the rest of America!”

Managing editor, lead anchor and lead meteorologist of CBS affiliate WXVT, Steve Schill, told TVSpy the production crew was gracious and considerate while shooting the show. He did say it was a challenge to have his work flow interrupted to record his sit-down confessionals.

Full disclosure, I worked with Steve at KNTV in San Jose. I was a disgruntled studio drone still slogging through college and he was the chief meteorologist.