Fresno Anchor Reunited with Class Ring Lost 17 Years Ago

By Mark Joyella 

Anthony Bailey, morning weather anchor at Fresno CBS affiliate KGPE, lost his high school ring a few years back. About 17 years, actually. Bailey moved on, until last week, when he got a Facebook message from the woman who found the ring–16 years ago. “I came across this note and it said, ‘hey I’m looking to return this class ring to somebody,'” Anthony said. “Initially I kind of thought, hmmm what are the chances that this person really found my class ring?”

She really did–only in the days before social media, Christy Craig didn’t know how to find the ring’s owner. Cleaning out a jewelry box recently, she discovered the ring and decided to give Facebook a try. “I know I’d be mad if I lost mine, and I would hope someone would do the same thing and try to get it back to me,” Craig said.

And yep, it still fits: