Local Stations Tell Parable of Spurs Jesus

By Kevin Eck 

San Antonio local stations recently did a story about a man named Spurs Jesus who stopped a guy from breaking into his home.

Spurs Jesus sometimes dresses like Jesus Christ and is a fan of the hometown NBA team, the Spurs.

“I hear a noise behind my back and I turn around and my upstairs window there’s somebody there with his hands under the window trying to shimmy up the window,” Spurs Jesus told KSAT.


KSAT said Spurs Jesus refused to turn the other cheek and took off after the suspect, who was eventually caught when he went back to the crime scene to fetch his bike.

Fox affiliate KABB said it was a divine ending.

Spurs Jesus says he’s bummed he wasn’t in full Jesus regalia during the pursuit.

“I would say, that would (have) gone down as some pretty serious Spurs Jesus San Antonio history myth and lore and legend, if I had actually been dressed like that,” he said.