Livestream Unveils Live Streaming Video from a Backpack

By Andrew Gauthier 


Livestream, the two-year-old web company that counts Gannett as one of its major financial backers, unveiled a new product last week that brings a new emphasis to the popular term “backpack journalism.”

Livestream is now offering a product called Livepack–a wireless hub that facilitates live streaming video and fits conveniently in a backpack. A user simply runs a firewire chord from a digital camera to the Livepack and then the video is sent via 3G networks to the user’s individual Livestream channel.

“Livepack is like having a satellite television truck in a backpack,” said Max Haot, CEO and co-founder of Livestream, in making the announcement.

Livestream, formerly known as Mogulus, is an online platform for live video that allows users to broadcast live video through both the Livestream website and embeddable players. Services are offered two ways: a free option that runs with ads from Livestream sponsors and a “premium” (paid) option. (LiveU news release here).