Little Rock Anchor Gets Choked Up During Coronavirus Update: ‘I Had a Moment’

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact journalists who have to report the news day in and day out.

The bad news got the best of TVH11‘s Marlisa Goldsmith when she was reading updates about the number of COVID-19 deaths in Arkansas during the 6 p.m. show on Tuesday.

Goldsmith started to get choked up when tossing to a soundbite about coronavirus testing in the state.


Later in the night, she did a Facebook Live explaining what happened.

“I had a moment. I had a moment. You all know we are not robots or as robotic as we seem we are sometimes,” she explained from her car. “I am human.”

You can watch her entire Facebook live here.

Here is the moment where Goldsmith became emotional: